BIOPROTECTUS System of Products

The BIOPROTECTUS™  System (BIOPROTECT™ RTU or 500) uses patented, EPA registered technologies to modify surfaces, providing such surfaces with disinfection and durable long term (up to 90 days) antimicrobial protection that kills and inhibits the growth of problematic bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses and other microorganisms. 

BIOPROTECT™ Antimicrobial Surface Protectant

BIOPROTECT™ RTU and 500 is an EPA registered, water-based, antimicrobial technology that provides persistent and continuous protection. BIOPROTECT™ is a preservative antimicrobial coating that can be applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces to inhibit the growth of odor causing, and stain causing bacteria.

How it works

When applied to a surface or incorporated into a material, BIOPROTECT™ forms a covalent bond with the substrate and creates a microbiostatic antimicrobial coating. The coating forms a shield of spikes (self assembling monolayer), each of which carry a positive charge that attracts the negatively charged bacteria. Once attracted, the molecular spikes pierce the cell and rupture its cell membrane, causing that bacterial microorganism to die.

How do you apply BIOPROTECT™?

Just spray, mist or fog BIOPROTECT™ onto a surface directly from a spray bottle or electrostatic or ULV sprayer, it’s as easy as that! No rinse is required, even for food surface contact (use BIOPROTECT™ RTU for food surfaces), and protection begins in 60 seconds and remains effective for up to 90 days.