Let your customers know you are doing all you can to provide a safe environment. 

A Section 18 Exemption allows you to make a Covid-19 kill claim for up for 46 days for all surfaces treated with BIOPROTECTs dual disinfectant/surface protectant product. 

How does the process work?
We assist you with every step of the application process. You will review and sign the application. The completed application is then sent to a state official for their approval and signature. The application is then sent to the EPA. The EPA reviews the application which includes lab research and safety information. Upon approval you can make a Covid-19 kill claim for all treated surfaces for up to 46 days. 

After approval you can let your customers knows that all surfaces are protected. You can also issue press releases!

Why hasn't the EPA already approved this product? Why do I need a Section 18 Exemption?
The EPA is in the process of lab testing our products. It will take some time for them to complete the process. BIOPROTECT works differently from disinfectants that kill while wet. BIOPROTECT works in a dry state. The EPA has never tested products that work in a dry state. They are developing their own rigorous testing methods. Meanwhile they are seeing promising results from outside lab testing and are granting Section 18 Exemptions.

How long will the Section 18 Exemption approval last?
For one year.