Kids are cute, little germ monsters! They are actively learning and exploring the world around them. This can lead to germy, nasty hands.  As parents, it is up to us to keep them safe and teach proper hygiene! 

Alcohol based hand sanitizers kill germs that are present on the hands but don't provide long-lasting protection after it dries.

That's why we had to find an alcohol-free alternative that did last. BIOPROTECT puts the "protect" back into your hands - with one application, you can protect your kids hands for UP TO 6 HOURS! No reapplying after touching another surface or worrying about bringing those germs home. 

Just one of our 6-packs of hand sanitizer lasts an entire school semester!

person in blue gloves and blue denim jeans

BIOPROTECT™ Hand Sanitizer

- FDA Registered
- Effective against 99.99% of germs and bacteria
- Lasts up to 6 hours with one application
- Kids and parents love the foaming formula
- Alcohol free, fragrance free, paraban & sulfate 
   free formula
- Aloe Vera infused

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