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What is Electrostatic Spraying?

Electrostatic spraying is an effective way to apply disinfectant and BIOPROTECT surface protectant to achieve 360 degree disinfection and protection. Electrostatic sprayers use positive and negative charges to make disinfecting and BIOPROTECT solutions electromagnetically stick to targeted surfaces. For example, no matter which angle you disinfect a surface from, the charge created by the electrostatic sprayer makes the disinfectant wrap around and cling to the entire surface.

Many companies have turned to electrostatic sprayers to protect their environments in the midst of the COVID pandemic and as result they are a high demand product and are difficult to purchase. No worries, The DisinfectEd has you covered. We provide application services for our clients. Our highly skilled and trained staff will come to your business and apply disinfecting and surface protecting BIOPROTECT. We can work with your current cleaning protocol and develop a package that is perfect for your business. Want more information, fill out the form below and we will get in touch to formulate the package for you. 

Providing long term solutions for your business

We want to help you develop a long term plan for disinfecting and protecting your business. Flu season is right around the corner so developing a long term plan is vital. We are here to help. We can help you immediately by providing application services with disinfectant and BIOPROTECT, our surface protectant. Going forward, we can educate and train your cleaning and/or maintenance staff on applying disinfectant and BIOPROTECT. Can't find the needed equipment? We will help you source electrostatic sprayers. This will provide cost savings to you long term.

Benefits over wipes and traditional sprays 

Complete Coverage 

Electrostatic sprayers cause the applied product to wrap around the object

Cost Savings

Electrostatic spraying uses less product

Dwell Time

Electrostatic sprayers allow you to easily adjust for necessary wet or dwell times

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